Thursday, 29 January 2009


So I am seven days past ovulation... I think!
The good news is I am 95% sure I ovulated, the bad news is, even if I ovulated I only have a 25% chance of getting my BFP!

I am trying to stay positive and I have a strange calm feeling telling me I am pregnant. Trouble is if I am not pregnant I am gonna feel so much worse.

My blood tests came back with everything normal or okay so that is a relief, however the doctor does want to speak to me about the viscosity of my blood???? I have an appointment tomorrow.

Some good news! I got free tickets to see Britains got Talent being filmed in Cardiff! Whoop Whoop! I go with DH and my brother and his girlfriend on Monday yay!

Hopefully by then I will know if I am pregnant or not...

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