Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Feeling better, but guilty

So as it turns out Claire isn't pregnant, I misunderstood her facebook status. She was just optimistic as she ovulated this month and BD at the right time. I feel so guilty because, although I didn't tell her what I had presumed and how I had felt about that, I still felt that way.

Suzi has also officially told me that she is pregnant, before it was just office whispers. It is official now, she is due in August. I am honestly made up for her, but selfishly I hope it is my turn next!

Last night I got my first EWCM, I hadn't had it before asI have been on the depo and before that the implant for as long as I can remember! This means it is quite possible that I will ovulate soon. This makes me optimistic, if I were to get pregnant I would be due in October.

The trouble is I keep on getting my hopes up, like this, only for them to be dashed. I hope this time I get my wish. I already know exactly what pram/cot/etc I want!

I have an appointment on Thursday to have my bloods taken. I went to the doctors before Christmas as I hadn't had a period since stopping the depo (I only had one injection!) And so had been 6 months without anything. So he suggested that I have bloods taken to check my hormone levels.

Michelle posted pics of her 7 months bump on facebook, she has a lovely bump!

In other news, my mum got her kittens and they are adorable. 2 girls and a boy called Wispa, Gracie & Oscar. On Saturday I will go to hers and my brother will be there too, so that will be nice.

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