Monday, 9 February 2009

Snowball Fights and Kittens

Well AF hasn't arrived I plucked up the courage to do a test yesterday and it was a BFN. I am thinking that maybe the stress of everything is delaying AF. The strange thing is, even though I am fully aware that if I do get pregnant the chance of MC is very high, I still hope that I will get my miracle.

Anyway the snow has been really bad here so a few snowball fights have been fun! Apart from the one where I was cornered and pelted by my dad, dh and a friend of the family! Ouch!

Went to see the kittens at my mums. They are so adorable. Oscar is so loving, he is like a little rag doll! Gracie is so prim and proper, always shadowing my mum! Wispa is the cutest, being longhaired she looks like a mini lion! And she loves her balls with the bells in! At the moment mum is also fostering Wispa's twin sister, they are identical apart from their eyes! We haven't named her as we don't want to get too attached but she is becoming known as Wispa 2! It breaks my heart that we can't adopt her, she has such a lovely manner.

Not much planned for this week! On saturday it is Valentines Day, our first as man and wife. I am planning a nice meal for DH but I still need to get him a card lol!

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