Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Oh So Nervous...

Lets catch up on last week :)

On wednesday it was my dads birthday so we went for a chinese, by that I meant that Gavin and my dad had chinese and my mum and I had english meals! lol It was also the day that I got the text about baby Jacob. I haven't heard much else accept she says it is a lot more difficult than she expected. eek!

On Thursday I had my first Midwifes appointment, I had to answer a million questions and when you see your family history on paper you start to worry about all the problems your baby might have. In our case we have put our baby at risk of Learning Difficulties, Epilepsy, Heart Disease and blood clots. Nice. Anyway we got our pregnancy pack and went straight to Asda to pick up our Bounty pack. We then went to my parents as Gavin was doing the pub quiz with my dad. I went to bed at 8pm!

On Friday we went to Gavins mums, it was the first time we had seen her since we told her the news. She is just as excited as my mum! It is lovely to have some good news to share as his family seem to be falling apart. With Mike and Gayles seperation things are strained. The kids still dont know anything though.

On Saturday I had a lazy day at my mums, it was lovely and sunny so we sat in the garden and read. In the evening we watched Britains got Talent and I was trying to spot myself, they haven't been to Cardiff yet!

On Sunday my cousin Nicky and my Aunty Mary came to visit. Nicky is due in 9 weeks and had a lovely bump!

On Monday we went home! We cleaned the flat and watched a few movies.

Today, the reason I am so so nervous... I have my scan. I know that my fear is silly. That I would know if something was wrong. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy (aprat from sickness lol!) BUT... I am terrified that there will be no heartbeat.

It is at 4:30pm, counting the seconds.

Anyway I have done a little research and if there is a heart beat at 8 weeks (I am 8+3) then I have a 98% chance of a healthy pregnancy.

Please pray for me xxx

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