Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Work is stressful! Arrgh!!!

I work as a receptionist in a lovely building with lovely people and I really enjoy my job. HOWEVER...

Part of my job is to oversee the security guard, now the building is open from 7am until 8pm as the staff are on flexitime so can work when they want as long as they complete their hours. I work 9am until 5pm so when I am not here the security guard is. But when I came back from honeymoon there had been a change and I was not to start on reception until 10am as the security guard had to make up an extra 5 hours as per the contract they have with my company.

Anyway, the security guards we have been given have never been very good!

There was Khan - the guy who believed he owned the building and everyone in it. He believed that because I was a women he was in charge of me and I had to be submissive to him. He was also cheating on his wife with one of the cleaners sisters and as such he and the cleaners would regularly have massive arguments in the building!

Then there was Charlie - he was an alcoholic who came into work drunk, invited his dodgy mates to hang around in reception and 'borrowed' money from the charity collection. He also brought his kids into work on a few occasions and one of those occassions one of the toilets was vandalised with poo smeared all over the walls!

Then came Abs, well he was harmless enough, bit lazy but compared to the others a saint!

Then Maha, She had just moved to england from India with her new husband and believed she shouldn't have to work. Apparently she had a degree in some kind of science I think. She was always ill and was depressed when she had to work on her birthday! I was trying to train her as she was making a few mistakes but she took offence and stopped doing anything at all!

And now we have Steve, he has been out of work probably since before I was born! He has a problem with personal hygine, his clothes always smell like he has wet himself, and he is always farting the most disgusting smells! But he is simply unable to do his job on reception!! Not a day goes by when there isn't something he does wrong Grrr

Today, for example, we have 6 visitors spaces and they were all booked. We had 3 visitors turn up unannounced, expecting a car space. Instead of him asking them to wait for 30 seconds so I can sort it out ( I sit around the corner) he lets them into the building (without an escort, which is another no no!) so I am left to pick up the pieces and sort out the mess. Fair enough, it wasn't his fault they turned up, but the way he handled the problem is his fault and it stresses me out so much!!

Hmmm, I do feel a little better now :)

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