Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sleeping and Eating

Thats all I seem to be doing right now! Inbetween the sleeping and eating (as rare as it it!) seems punctuated with yawning and worrying!

On Saturday Gavin (DH) and I went to my brothers to get my new phone. Whoopie I have a blackberry! On a really good deal too :) £25 a month, 600 anytime any network minutes, 400 texts and unlimited net usage. I also got £120 cashback, I have even managed to save £50 of that for the baby fund! I went to Ikea and looked at the kids section and bought Gavins favourite Sweedish Meatballs, not forgetting the special gravy and the loganberry sauce! We also had a lovely lunch in Whetherspoons whilst watching the Grand National. My brother Rich won second place and I won 3rd place :) Although we actually only managed to win our money back lol!

On Sunday we went to a bootfair, we normally go to the Folly Farm one in Coleford but this time we went to the Hempstead Meadows one in Gloucester. It was smaller but had more bargains :) I got another Murder Mystery Game, this one was set in the 80's! I got Gavin a Filofax so he can stop complaning that he wants one (he ony wants one coz I have one. The difference is I actually use mine!) I got a childrens book that I used to read when I was little called the Jolly Postman and a photo fram that says 'Nana & Grandads little Angel' I am gonna put my scan pics in for my mum and dad :) Sara was also there with her 'Everything for a pound' stall! lol I think we will have to do a boot fair soon so we can clear a place for our baby to sleep :)

On sunday night Sara and I went swimming, we had been told through insider information that after 6pm on a Sunday the reception in the local gym wasn't manned and we could go straight through without having to pay! I know it is very naughty but that is what we did and we had a lovely time :) Then Gavin and I met up with her and had a few games of pool but we had to leave early coz I got really tired.

Yesterday I was too tired to cook so Gavin and I went to Frankie and Benny's, and then we went to Mothercare :) It is far too early to buy anything but it is nice to look.

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