Thursday, 2 April 2009

I cannot believe how tired I am!!

Yesterday was a bad day. I was so tired, I kept making silly mistakes in work and I got quite upset. It is easy to say it the pregnancy hormones but I felt awful. Gavin (DH) picked me up from work and instead of cooking we ordered pizza (in all honesty, picking up the phone and ordering was tiring enough!) then we sat in front of the TV and went to bed at 8pm again!

Our flat is such a mess, it is really getting to me. I did a little bit of tidying this morning but still loads to do. I have no clothes to wear! They are all in the washing basket!

This morning I put the food in the slow cooker so at least I know that we will have a healthy meal tonight. It got me thinking that someone should open a healthy meal delivery service. I am not talking uber healthy but something other than pizza and burgers. Something like toad in the hole, BBQ chicken, Pasta Bake, Sausage and Mash etc. Mmmmmm Mashed Potato, I can't get enough of it at the moment :)

I did another clear blue test last night! It came out 'Pregnant 3+', so I am definitely still pregnant!

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