Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Symptoms so far...

Well my main symptom is tiredness. For example yesterday I was so exhausted I didn't have the energy to cook dinner! DH cooked instead and I sat in front of th TV until 8pm, when I went to bed!

I also feel a little ill if I don't eat regularly, I wouldn't call it nausea, it is more like extream hunger that makes me feel dizzy and ill.

My boobs are really sore and I think they feel fuller, sometimes it feels like I being stabbed in the nipple with a needle! I am scared that they will grow even bigger! Before pregnancy they were already a G cup so I may have to go shopping for hammocks!!

Apparently, according to What to Expect, my baby is growing 100 brain cells a minute. So by my calculations it is already brainer that its dad! Tee Hee!!

DH told me this morning that he is really looking forward to the scan and seeing our baby, although he is scared that something is wrong. I feel the same, everytime I go the toilet I expect to be devestated by the sight of blood. But so far, touch wood, everything seems okay. (I actually did touch my wooden desk then!)

I think I have worked out how to add pictures so to test this I have added a picture of the cot my mum is buying me. I am not sure if it is working though!

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  1. Just read all of your blog now after your post on YAYW, Congratulations! I got a bit teary reading about your BFP on the morning on you Nan's funeral, must be the hormones (i'm 21+3!) I'm so sorry she passed away, I think she must have known you needed some help and had a word with the big man upstairs! Hope you have a wonderful,happy & healthy pregnancy. Have a great scan too!
    Cat xxx