Thursday, 26 March 2009

Holding my breath

Thats the only way I can describe it, I am holding my breath, hoping that nothing is going to go wrong.

I woke up the other day convinced I had dreamt the whole pregnancy thing, I had to call DH, who already thinks I am a pregnancy pcsycho, and he had to confirm that it wasn't a dream! I had a horrible dream last night that I lost the baby, it was so traumatic. I was glad when I woke up but I feel exhuasted today.

My emotions are everywhere! I cried when DH told me how excited he was to be having this baby! I cried when he said he was still hungry after dinner (I panicked that if I couldn't look after him properly then how was I going to look after a baby, and if I can't keep goldfish or plants alive what hope does my baby have)

My boobs are really sore too and they have grown slightly. I have bought a wireless bra from M & S to see if it helps at all.
The other problem is that I cannot stand anything tight around my stomach, and before I found out I was pregnant I was very down and when I am down I overeat so all my trousers are too tight. I am currently sitting here with elastic bands holding my trousers up and I am only 5+5! (thats 5 weeks and 5 days!)

I am going to my mums tonight to look through catalogues for baby stuff! :)

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